62 computer lessons for the pianist on the basics of classical or traditional sacred organ playing.

The OrganTutor computer tutorial and workbook contain technical and musical studies for aspiring classical or church organists of any denomination. They are designed to be used together, but are available in several versions and combinations.

General Information

ORGANTUTOR is a computer-based resource for classical and traditional sacred organ instruction. It was created by Dr. Don Cook, Brigham Young University.

is an OrganTutor course in basic organ playing for those with piano training.

OrganTutor uses a new approach to help teach an old subject–it is an interactive multimedia organ tutorial:

  • Interactive. OrganTutor responds to information provided by the user. Its responses are customized to user needs.

  • Multimedia. OrganTutor uses various types of media: text, photographs, drawings, sound, and video.

  • Organ Tutorial. This "Tutor" was created as an aid to–not a replacement for–the live organ instructor.

As an on-call "teaching assistant," Organ 101 provides the kind of assistance for which a computer is well suited: it demonstrates and describes manual and pedal techniques, and teaches organ registration, hymn playing, and other general concepts. This allows live instructors to do what they do best: hear and see the student play, then provide the kind of feedback and direction that only a human can offer.

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